June 26, 2022

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At Western Wisconsin Nutrition (WWN), we have developed a team of livestock nutritionists and production specialists to assist you with the daily challenges of raising livestock.

Our stores in Ellsworth and Grange Hall (Maiden Rock) provide local service and have custom feed products manufactured by Ag Partners Coop.


Dana LansingDana Lansing
[P] 715-273-5066
[F] 715-273-4045
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 Feed Nutritionists

Spence Driver

Spence Driver
Dairy Nutritionist
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Cam SorensonCam Freisinger
Dairy Nutritionist
[P] 715-497-8568
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Kyle MatthewsKyle Matthews
Dairy Nutritionist
[P] 320-510-2513
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Rebekah LaBerge

Rebekah Matthews
Calf and Heifer Specialist
[P] 612-237-0714
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Matt Lamberson

Matt Lamberson
Dairy Nutritionist
[P] 507-458-5136
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Carl Sackreiter

Carl Sackreiter
Beef Specialist
[P] 507-421-4924
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Dan OhnstadDan Ohnstad
Swine Specialist
[P] 651-764-3089
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Denis Reitz
Dairy Nutritionist
[P] 715-556-4568
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Miranda Nelson

Miranda Nelson
Calf & Heifer Specialist
[P] 715-590-2428
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Joshua Sazama

Joshua Sazama
Dairy Nutritionist
[P] 612-590-3955
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LeeAnn Waugh

LeeAnn Waugh
Beef & Lifestyle
[P] 507-298-0820
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Brandi Gednalske
Dairy Nutritionist & Production Consultant
[P] 715-220-9238
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Lee Kloeckner
Dairy Nutritionist
[P] 507-440-1690
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